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We Live Life Together

At KindCare at Bristol, we do everything together.

From our smaller community sizes to our shared “companion” suites, every inch of our experience is focused on fostering connection amongst our residents, staff, and neighborhood.

We extend this commitment to our residents’ families, providing clear, transparent pricing, and ample opportunities to spend time with loved ones.

There’s a kinder way to live. Schedule a tour at KindCare at Bristol and experience our approach today.

Why Us?

Innovation, wellness, and kindness—these are what make our community a great place to live.

Innovation in the services and amenities we offer; wellness in our delicious meals and rejuvenating health programs; and kindness based on connection, trust, and respect.

And we offer all this at an all-inclusive cost—meaning no hidden fees for services and experiences.

Kindness Counts

Among Our Team

Our leadership team has set the tone for respect, inspiring our care team to treat residents with the empathy and understanding they deserve.

Among Residents

We keep things small by design. It’s the secret to cultivating relationships, communal caring, and good neighborly living.

Beyond the Community

Our residents actively give back to the community by sharing their time and talents. We are proud to foster a culture of generosity and compassion!

Our Commitment to

We take the senior experience to new, wondrous places with the help of innovative technology seamlessly integrated into our services. Learn more on our amenities page.


Telehealth makes it easier to find supportive healthcare without the need for transportation.


Residents can conveniently reach out to friends and family thanks to our easy-to-use, personalized app.

Air Filtration

Enjoy the benefits of crisp, clean air without the worry of airborne bacteria and particles.

Charitable Causes
& Initiatives

Our largest charitable cause is the Ukrainian Refugee relief program. We provide English Second Language classes for refugees at no cost, as well as training and job opportunities. 

We also work closely with local homeless shelters, where we cook once a week and provide a hot meal for their patrons. This helps those in need while also reinforcing our commitment to service and compassion. 

We believe that everyone should have access to basic human rights, and we strive to make sure that happens through our charitable causes.

Meet the Team

Jessica Carlson

Jessica Carlson

Health and Wellness Director

Heidi Diogostine

Heidi Diogostine

Business Office Director

Chuck Ellis

Chuck Ellis

Dining Services Director

Rob Maguire

Rob Maguire

Environmental Services Director

Kris Cosgrove

Kris Cosgrove

Memory Care Director

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